Get out on the sea this Summer!

Although we've just endured an incredibly wet winter, according to forecast sites across the UK, we are in for the hottest summer on record!

From May onwards, the temperature is meant to hit a soaring 30 degrees C and upwards for the next three months.

There's nothing better in the summer than relaxing in the park or on the beach with a glass of wine, covering yourself in sun cream and watching your kids run around.

But why not do something slightly different this summer? Save the money you'd spend on driving to the beach, or all the ice creams at the park, and get out on the sea.

We can offer a full day charter from only £1395, and as we have a license for up to 12 people, that could be just over £100 each! Imagine spending a scorching hot day on our luxury boat, wind rushing through your hair as you travel to a choice of beautiful destinations.

For more info, or to see available dates, check out our Contact page or send us an email at

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