Your Day with Getaway

The day is yours to do with as you please. The following itinery is the most common, but every Solent yacht charter is completely unique. For individual requirements or wishes, contact us or simply speak to your Skipper on the day.

Most people choose to meet at the yacht at around 9am. You can either bring breakfast or ask us to cook you something up ready for your arrival.

After a brief safety talk to make sure your trip is safe and comfortable, the yacht will depart from harbour and your journey will begin!

Lunch can be provided, either from our standard menu, or we'll try our best to cater for your individual needs and tastes!

The afternoon can be spent just relaxing on the water, or you may prefer docking at a harbour and seeing some local sights. Either option creates unforgettable memories.

The experience ends about 5pm, where we will drop you back at the harbour, which is full of lovely restaurants - just in time for dinner!


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