Our Yacht - The Beautiful Princess V48

Our yachts are a fleet of the stunning Princess V48. State of the art, modern and sleek, this beauty is not only visually perfect with it's curved sides leading up to the bow with a rounded point which screams smooth speed and aerodynamics, it's also neatly fitted with just about every amenity you could possibly ask for.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the V48 is simply white with black embellishment which creates a sophisticated and straight forward attitude yet at the same time boasts elegance and beauty.

Visually, it's everything you could want in a yacht. It's also incredibly comfortable, with a pleasing amount of headroom in the lower deck and plenty of relaxation space on the top. It's the perfect design to rush along on the water with the wind blowing through your hair.

Here at Getaway Charters we absolutely love our fleet, and we make sure everything is designed for your comfort and enjoyment. Taking them out on Southampton Solent is a joy you have to experience to understand.

Check out available dates on our website - www.getawaycharters.co.uk.

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