Hoegh Osaka cargo ship grounded in Southampton Solent

The Hoegh Osaka, a cargo ship bound for Germany, was forced to deliberately ground itself on Saturday morning when it began having problems only 50 minutes out of Southampton.

The ship began to list when she was on her way out of the channel, and the Captain and Master and the Pilot on board jointly decided to ground the ship on the sandback to avoid any further problems.

Thankfully there has been no leakage of oil or any other substances, and Ingar Skiaker, chief executive of Hoegh Autoliners said their primary focus is keeping it that way.

The ship weighed 51,000 tonnes and was laden with 1,400 cars. Four RNLI Lifeboats as well as the Solent Coastguard helicopter were involved in the rescue. About 25 crew members were rescued.

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