Golden Globe 2018 Race Round the World - With a Difference

It's been 47 years since the first Golden Globes race, which means in 2018 it will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

It was announced on April 22nd that Don McIntyre ( - the adventurous sailor and explorer - is to launch this legendary event, but with a difference. For the 50th Anniversary, racers will only be allowed to use smaller, less sophisticated yachts, with no technology or equipment that dates more recent than the 1960's.

Inspired by the 1968 race in which Robin Knox-Johnston won in his self-built Suhaili, McIntyre means to re-create the hardships of this race which he says are "hard to imagine nowadays." McIntyre himself has been in the Australian yachting scene since 1990 when he took part in the BOC challenge round the world race.

Newly built boats are allowed in the race, but only if they are built to original specifications - basically, purposely making them cumbersome, heavy and slow - by today's standards anyway. The designs must have been drawn before 1988, have a minimum displacement of 6,200kg, and have a long keel and rudder hung from the trailing edge of the keel.

Such yachts are in short supply in 2015 due to modern technology allowing us for faster, more lightweight, more easily controlled boats. But McIntyre seems to think that half the fun was doing the race in what he describes as "wholesome, oceangoing vessels." This seems like it will still be easy, just slower - but when you realise the full meaning of these boats it's a real shock. No instant GPS, weather via internet, cameras or phones. The only modern technology aboard will be the safety equipment. The skippers really will be completely on their own.

The 2018 Golden Globe race, which launches from Falmouth, Cornwall, will be a massive physical and mental challenge to all involved. As if battling against the elements in outdated technology won't be hard enough, the crews will have to deal with solitude, having little or no contact with their families, and never knowing what the sea will bring them next.

The whole crew at Getaway Charters will be watching the start of the race from our usually Southampton based yacht. We're not racing though - we're not brave enough for that.

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