Reasons to own a Yacht

We already know that owning a super-yacht is one of the most blatant signs of wealth. Celebrities take pleasure in throwing extravagant parties on the biggest, tallest yachts their money can buy.

But what about us - the every-man? What benefits does a boat have to us, when merely showing off may not play a part?

1. It gives you someplace to stay.

We all love weekends away, and owning a yacht gives you the opportunity to skip the hotel searching. Simply travel to your boat, board, and your weekend of privacy and relaxtion await.

2. It's a cheap way to travel around the world.

Okay, maybe cheap is the wrong word, but it's certainly cheaper than flying and staying in hotels. Probably.

3. You can travel to warmer climates in the winter.

Just like a bird, you can sail south for the winter if the bracing British cold isn't for you.

4. It brings your family together.

It forces you to spend time with your family, as long as being crammed into a small space with your grumpy teenage kids for long periods of time doesn't bother you.

5. You can move it whenever you want.

A perk you will never get with anything else, apart from possibly a motor-home.

6. Total relaxation.

There's nothing that quite beats the feeling of the sea breeze through your hair as you set off on your next adventure.

7. You have a variety of pricing options.

Similar to houses really, if you're happy being squashed and packing all your stuff into a matchbox then you should be relatively okay.

8. You can have a lovely view from your home every day.

Depending on where you moored the previous night.

9. You can have a carefree life.

It's a pretty good retirement dream.

10. And you can choose to sail whenever you want.

If you fancy a glorious day or half day trip on a yacht, contact Graham at Getaway Charters, who charter yachts on the Southampton Solent.

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